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RFQ Market Update - March 6, 2023

Luxor Bitcoin ASIC RFQ (request-for-quote) Market Update as of March 06, 2023.
RFQ Market Update - March 6, 2023

Howdy Miners!

Thanks for joining Luxor's ASIC RFQ (request-for-quote). Since launch, slightly over 4 weeks ago, the platform traded over 640,000 TH/s of Bitcoin ASICs for a total aggregated value of $9.59M across 26 RFQs (±$368K per RFQ).

Best ASIC Offers

As always, we are committed to bringing you the best ASIC deals available on our platform. We have scoured the platform and selected a few options based on region, supplier quality and equipment diversity.

If you're interested in any of these offers, you can submit an ASK price here. We recommend that your offers are within the indicative pricing to maximize your chances of the seller to accepting them. Additionally, you can submit your own WTB RFQ and vetted sellers all over the world will respond with BIDs.

Schedule a Call

We are also offering a video call with our team for platform demo, assistance, and more. We understand that buying ASICs can be a complex process, and we are committed to making it as easy and straightforward as possible for our buyers. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at [email protected] or schedule a video call.

Useful Resources

As always, do not hesitate to share feedback with us!

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