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All New Luxor Mining Pool

All New Luxor Mining Pool

We’ve been busy this year scaling our team and refreshing our products for you! Over the past few months, we have more than doubled our employee count (we’re still hiring, check our open positions here), brought several new products to market, and built out a brand new UI. You can scope out the new platform here.

User interface

The User Interface got a brand new look (dark-mode) and it’s packed with new features, some of those include:


With Luxor you can now organize your mining operation under a single login. Split your rigs across multiple sites, brands, models under different subaccounts for easier management and reporting. Moreover, payments can be set on a per subaccount basis.


The new UI gets way more data for you to manage your mining operation. Export reports, identify underperforming workers, and visualize your mining farm. Generate on the fly revenue and worker reports to Excel or Google Sheets.

  • Per worker statistics & charts
  • Payment history CSV
  • Hashrate history CSV

Safely generate watcher links to share with your mining farm operators. Watcher links are provisioned through a secured access token and can be deleted at any time. You manage who gets access to your stats and when.


Bring your friends to our growing community of active cryptocurrency miners and earn passive rewards. Referrals get a percentage of the mining pool revenue paid on a daily basis. Reach out to us to learn more.


Access Hashrate Index data, blog and newsletter directly from your Mining Pool dashboard. We compile comprehensive data on Bitcoin’s network and mining markets, including mining profitability, ASIC prices, and public mining stock info so that investors and miners can keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry’s most important information. The financialization of Hashrate begins with us.

APIs & integrations


Our comprehensive GraphQL API allows you to extract all the information you need in real time. Can find documentation here. We recently released an API client, which might come in handy if you need to integrate with the pool to extract more data than shown in the dashboard. Moreover, you can generate API or immediately revoke access in case one of your API Key gets compromised.


We have successfully undergone through an external cloud and pentest security audit performed by one of the leading firms in the US. This security assessment shows our commitments with our miners to achieve the highest security standards in the industry to keep their mining operations safe and highly profitable. Other security improvements include requesting MFA token to update payment details and freezing payouts for 24 hours in case there’s a wallet address update.