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Get Advanced Thermal Management On Your Antminer with LuxOS!

Luxor Firmware is now compatible with the Antminer S19j Pro + for Xilinx and BeagleBone control boards.
Get Advanced Thermal Management On Your Antminer with LuxOS!

Luxor Miners,

We are excited to announce that Luxor Firmware has been updated and now includes an exciting feature - ATM: Advanced Thermal Management. 🌡️

When temperatures rise, the last thing you want is your rig overheating, turning it off, and stop hashing. That's what LuxOS' newest ATM firmare feature is all about.

Protect your rigs' longevity by giving Luxor Firmware a spin: ⬇️

LuxOS' newest version now includes :

  • Added support for Antminer S19j Pro+ ASIC miner with board type BHB42612
  • Added support for Antminer S19 BHB42801 and BHB42831 with 14-17V PSU
  • NEW: Advanced Thermal Management Features
  • Improved healthcheck visibility from Preset Profiles page

Why Is Advanced Thermal Management Important?

A major addition to our Luxor Firmware is the ability to use our Advanced Thermal Management (ATM) feature.

Heatwaves can impact productivity and profits. But with Luxor Firmware's ATM feature, your operations remain seamless, ensuring you get the most out of your rig.

LuxOS' ATM was built to help ASIC miners maximize hashrate based on the temperature sensors. This function uses the Hot Temperature as a threshold to manage the profiles and so over/underclock.

  • If your machine is far from being close to your Hot Temperature, then we will overclock your machine until we get to this limit
  • If your machine is too close from the Hot Temperature, then we will underclock your machine until we stabilize the temperature, this way we avoid potential panic shutdown

We see this feature as key in order to maximize your miner revenue, particularly in hot environments.

Test it and let us know how it goes!

Keep your Antminer cool with Advanced Thermal Management, and watch it maximize your ASIC miner's ROI: 💸 ⬇️

Luxor Firmware Auto-Update

LuxOS is the first Antminer firmware thant auto-update itself! Make sure you're always up-to-date by turning on Automatic Updates for your rig. When enabled the auto-update job will run automatically to check the last version and compare it with the one installed.

Luxor Firmware Support

If you face any issues or have any questions. Please use the ticket in our ticketing system or contact us directly on Discord.