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Presenting The New Luxor Mining Documentation Hub 🔔

Presenting The New Luxor Mining Documentation Hub 🔔

Good news everyone! We just released a new and improved version of our Documentation Hub.

Luxor Technologies' Products In One Place

Luxor Mining not only offers Luxor Mining Pool or Luxor Firmware. In order to make our clients' lives easier we decided to merge all of our product documentation in a single place :

You can now access Luxor Mining Pools' how-to guides, Luxor Firmware API documentation, or even Hashrate Index's Python client, and a lot more, in one website:

Luxor Documentation
Luxor Documentation - Documentation HUB for everything Luxor, find all the answers you need for Luxor’s Mining Pool, Firmware, RFQ, Derivatives, HashrateIndex and OrdinalHub.

This website will be continuously updated so feel free to review it regularly, and let us know if you would like to see any additional information not available today.  

Fixes & improvements

  • Added link to the new documentation hub
  • Reviewed typos and improved messages (sub-account  deletion warning message, wallet creation, etc..)
  • Added a banner to warn about Switch notification unavailability


If you face any issues with this update, please let us know. Use our Hubspot platform or contact us directly on Discord.