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Automated Tax Reporting integrations

Automated Tax Reporting integrations

Luxor makes it easy to report your crypto mining taxes thanks to our partnerships with leading crypto tax management companies. With their services, you can automate your crypto mining taxes for over 25 jurisdictions.

Ease of Use

With our mining payout CSV export function, you can easily upload your mining revenue to any of our crypto tax partners. We also offer you the option to integrate your Luxor account using an API key for automated reporting with specific tax partners.

Partners and Discount

At Luxor, we are continuously working to partner with as many crypto tax firms  as possible to give you a range of choices. Today, our collaborations entitle  Luxor miners to discounted services with certain crypto tax partners.</p>

Fixes & Improvements

  • Subaccounts are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added a Miners section to the account navigation bar to make it easier to access your mining dashboard
  • Added redirect to \"Miners\" page when clicking on Luxor's brand icon
  • Improved error messages in the migration tool
  • Added auto-focus on username input when a duplicate error occurs in the    migration tool
  • Fixed sidebar navigation laggy animation
  • Fixed coin icons not loading on watcher links
  • Made download CSV button clearer with a hover state

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