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Longer Tenors, Bullet Monthly Forwards, Daily Settlement, and Dynamic Margin

We have seen tremendous growth in volume, liquidity and the number of market participants, and we would like to thank all of you who have been actively involved in our markets thus far.

These updates are just the tip of the iceberg, we are already working to bring more improvements as we continue to build out premier products for the hashrate market.

What's new?

The Position Manager got a brand new interface revamp that allows Hashprice Traders to visualize their overall position in a single dashboard.


With the introduction of daily settlement, the average of 15-second prints of the index determine that day’s Daily Settlement. The trade is marked to market using this Daily Settlement, and P&L for that day is determined. Each contract was assessed independently. Now, we look at a trader net exposure to Hashprice. If a trade exists a position by entering into a counter-trade he won't be required to post margin, instead he will get margin back.

Other changes:

  • Updated contract page with relevant metrics updates to account for daily settlement and dynamic margin.
  • Updated metrics card in payment page, now displaying: Payable, Available, Realized Balance and Unrealized Balance.


If you face any issues since the redirection implementation please let us know. Use our Hubspot platform or contact us directly on Discord.

As always, do not hesitate to share feedback with us! Join the discussion on Twitter.

Happy Hashing!