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ETH-MEV pool, improved navigation, and faster app

ETH-MEV pool, improved navigation, and faster app


At Luxor, we believe that Nakamoto consensus through proof-of-work is the most secure, durable, and effective consensus mechanism for public blockchains. The mining pool is outfitted for Miner Extractable Value, a novel mining strategy for maximizing Ethereum transaction value, and is optimized for a low uncle rate (mined blocks that aren’t added to the longest blockchain history but which miners get paid for all the same). Additionally, Luxor has made its Ethereum pool compatible with its Catalyst service, so that miners have the option to get paid in Bitcoin for their work on Ethereum.

Stratum URL: stratum+tcp://eth.global.luxor.tech:700

New users were quite confused by how the left sidebar options menu sent them to an entirely new screen with separate navigation. At the same time, as an experienced user, I was annoyed by the old navigation too. To improve the usability of the application we decided to redesign the navigation and keep the left sidebar static with all the context within a single window.

Faster app

One of the main complaints was how long some of the pages took to load, especially for those users with hundreds or even thousands of miners. With this release, we made sure all the pages loaded in <3 seconds across the board. We will continue iterating on speed to achieve <2 seconds full page load times.

Fixes & improvements

  • Use woff inter font file type as it’s designed for web
  • Added getHashrateHistory method to support orderBy and filter param options
  • Added sidebar logo opacity filter
  • Added newsletter checkbox to default to True
  • Added gap between buttons on subaccount section in the sidebar
  • Fixed 2FA-QR code mismatch due to Relay caching
  • Removed buttons-blue outline globally
  • Improved user & worker hashrate time series retrieval to execute faster through the use of pre-computed data
  • Improved getRevenue and getBalance queries to execute faster
  • Replaced media page to use Ghost integration
  • Improved Ghost integration to fetch less data for quicker loading times
  • Fixed sorting of workers to match natural order
  • Fixed MEV-ETH revenue score history table having null mev reward values
  • Fixed download CSV file for Catalyst transactions and patched incorrect values
  • Fixed stratum config tool taking too long to load
  • Fixed loading state visual on setup device tool
  • Fixed last 24H revenue not returning data