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Payments RFQs

What's new?

Our primary objective is to provide you with a seamless and safe ASIC Trading experience. With that in mind, we are streamlining the buying and selling process, bringing more workflows onto our platform and reducing reliance on external channels like Telegram and Email.

Expanded Payment Options: After confirming an RFQ, you can now conveniently pay using USDT, USDC (ETH and Tron networks with immediate confirmation), or Bank Wire.

  • Support multiple payments for an outstanding balance. Customers can pay in multiple currencies and do test payments if desired natively on the app.
  • Differentiate notifications between USED and NEW machines.


  • Fix watcher link empty field on rfq-create (in addition to one for response-create).
  • Made average_hashrate on WTB RFQ optional.
  • Fixed unclickable accept button for USED RFQs.
  • Fixed translation interpolation didn't render correctly.
  • Fixed message on Sell modal between risk category and approved users.


If you face any issues or have any questions please let us know. Use our Support Page or contact us directly on Discord.

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