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Luxor Firmware for Beaglebone is here!

Luxor Firmware for Beaglebone is here!

It’s finally here…

LuxOS, our custom firmware for the Beaglebone control board, is now available for download!

We’re thrilled to finally share this significant step in our LuxOS rig support plan. LuxOS for Beagleboard is currently available only for S19j Pro models, designed to enhance the performance and functionality of your miner operations. Our firmware team has been working tirelessly to develop this version, incorporating several key features and optimizations that will undoubtedly elevate your miner performance to new heights.

Miners can use our custom dashboard to have clear visibility on metrics for their hashboards / fans, use a large selection of custom profiles, enable hashrate splitting, and more.

To start using our firmware on your miner, go check our download page for your system👇

We built LuxOS from scratch in Rust and optimized it for user customization. To learn more about the firmware, installation, and the 45+ API commands we have available, please visit LuxOS’s documentation page:

For those who need to apply the configuration on batch mode, we've built our luxminer-cli which you can also find on our download page.

Improvements & fixes

  • We've added support for :
    -> New S19j Pro support: BHB42621
    -> New S19 Pro support (S19j Pro-like Hashboards): BHB42641, BHB42651
  • Improved ASIC board initialization to make initialization faster
  • Improved reliability of vanilla/pro models
  • Updated S19 vanilla and S19 pro minimum reboot time
  • Fixed false reset timer on sysinit reboot time during reboot
  • Added new underclocking profiles for S19J Pro
  • Added netset command on LuxMiner API
  • luxminer-client changes :
    -> Improved system scan to support slow network connections.
    -> Removed final scan file printing to avoid output miner addresses twice.


If you face any issues since the redirection implementation please let us know. Use our Hubspot platform or contact us directly on Discord.  

As always, do not hesitate to share feedback with us! Join the discussion on Twitter.

Happy Hashing!

-Luxor Tech Team