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Luxor RFQ March Updates

Luxor RFQ March Product Updates
Luxor RFQ March Updates
Luxor's RFQ (request-for-quote) Dashboard

What's new?

  • Do not close partial matched RFQs. Instead, the RFQ stays open for Bids/Asks for the remaining quantity requested. Previously, partially matched RFQs were closed and the RFQ owner would need to create a new one for the difference.
  • Add Chinese RFQ link to Telegram notifications for easier access for Chinese users.
  • Moved the Bid / Ask counter to the main table row. Easier for users to visualize activity on each RFQ without having to expand each row.
  • Added current and max risk exposure in settings page.
  • Added WTS RFQs to closed RFQs page.


  • Fixed table flickering issue on scroll
  • Fixed clearing price not computed properly on some WTS RFQs edge cases.
  • Fixed showing Bid one WTS RFQs answers when it should show Ask.
  • Fixed price per TH in Emails and Telegram notifications for closed RFQs.


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