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Luxor RFQ WTS Release

Luxor RFQ WTS Release

New features

  • Added WTS RFQs. Now sellers can submit their inventory for sale and get bids by different buyers.
  • Added ability to reject an RFQ answer with a reason for the counterparty to improve his Bid / Ask. The counterparty gets notified of the rejection reason.
  • Added price per TH alongside clearing price for closed deals.
  • Added pricing summary with and without RFQ fees in RFQ response builder.
  • Add current and next fee tiers in settings dashboard.
  • Add RFQ by Type filter (WTB / WTS) and ability to clear filters.
  • Added company management functionality to invite collaborators with view or view & trade permissions.
  • Added support and FAQs link in help page.
  • Added support for mixed-batch (multi-model), now vendors can specify the breakdown of machines when bidding a mixed batch.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed risk exposure calculation when updating an RFQ. Previously the current and the updated RFQ counted towards the seller risk threshold, double-counting the exposure.
  • Fixed invite to company email link. Previously the invite link did not redirect to RFQ.
  • Fixed bug where if user did not select expiration for their RFQ response it would be changed to CANCELLED automatically.
  • Fixed Trading History tab not populating with previous RFQs submitted by the user.


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