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We've Added Account Management Functions (and more) to our Mining Pool πŸ””

We've Added Account Management Functions (and more) to our Mining Pool πŸ””

Happy Thursday, Luxor Miners!

We just improved our Mining Pools by giving you more functions to manage your account πŸš€

Account Email Changes

You are now able to change the email associated with your account. The process is simple: you just have to go to your profile settings page and click on "Update Email." We have a control to check if the email is already used for any other Luxor account.

PLEASE NOTE : Your password will remain the same after you change the email but 2FA will be disabled.

Subaccount Delegation

Want to grant your subaccount access to another Luxor user? We got you!

You are now able to share access to your subaccount with an existing Luxor profile. Go into Subaccount Management > Manage and you'll see the new subaccount delegation button. Then, enter the desired Luxor account you wish to share access with and select the type of access you'd like to grant to that account. And violΓ  – that's it!

Subaccount Deletion

No delegation without deletion: you can now easily delete a subaccount. Just go into Subaccount Management > Manage and you'll see the delete button.

PLEASE NOTE: Luxor requires its users to own at least one subaccount (not a subaccount that the user shares access to, like in the above feature). If you only have one subaccount and you try to delete it, you'll get an error message

Miners status improved

After receiving feedback from our miners, we decided to focus on making worker status updates faster and more efficient. Miner status is based on shares submitted according to the following rules:

- Active <15'
- Warning <15' and <30'
- Dead >30'

- Active <2'
- Warning <2' and <5'
- Dead >5'

More details here.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved our disabled miner system ( a deleted machine that is still hashing is now re-created and re-appears on the UI automatically )


If you have faced any issues regarding these improvements, please let us know! Contact us through our Zendesk or via Discord.

As always, do not hesitate to share feedback with us and join the discussion on Twitter!

Happy Hashing!