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New Catalyst reporting

New Catalyst reporting

Catalyst: Mine Altcoins, get Bitcoin.

How does Catalyst work? The mining process remains untouched. Miners start hashing one of the supported altcoins and their account gets credited the equivalent in BTC of the PPS denominated altcoin reward... Catalyst affects how we pay out mining rewards. Instead of receiving an altcoin we now price and buy your hashrate directly in Bitcoin. What’s new?

  • Monthly and daily earnings bar charts
  • USD and BTC denominated hashprice
  • Earnings history report (BTC proceeds and ALT equivalent)
  • CSV downloads for full auditing

Fixes & improvements

  • Added ‘new feature’ badge to Media page
  • Added newsletter subscription checkbox on signup
  • Updated all balance figures to use 8 decimals
  • Updated tooltip and wording on pool fee card
  • Updated watcher link generation feature
  • Improved coin helpers error handlers
  • Fixed worker fuzzy search bug
  • Fixed DASH address validation
  • Fixed unable to add wallets