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New Release: Operator Dashboard 🔔 🚀

New Release: Operator Dashboard  🔔 🚀

Operators and Hosting providers now have their proper Luxor Application: Operator Dashboard. As a professional, you can now gather all your client's miners into one dashboard. Our purpose is to help you manage your multi-client activity.

Operator and Workers Overviews

Important : You need to create a new Luxor Account that will be tagged as 'Operator' in order for you to have access to this new dashboard

The overview dashboard is built to manage easily large mining farms, multiple clients, from different locations, and mining different coins. All that will be now easier with our dashboard, so you can now spend time and effort on what really matters.

The Miners Dashboard aims to help you manage your client's workers. You have different filter options and valuable KPI and data on a per worker basis so you can make the right intervention on the right machine when needed.

Find more info at https://mining.luxor.tech/operators


If you face any issues since the redirection implementation please let us know. Use our Zendesk platform or contact us directly on Discord.  

As always, do not hesitate to share feedback with us! Join the discussion on Twitter.