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Payment Splitting feature available 🔔

Payment Splitting feature available  🔔

We've enabled more customization for your revenue! You can now create up to 5 wallets per coin and split your revenue on a percentage basis.

Wallet Page

To enable a better user experience while using the payment we reviewed a little bit the mechanic of the wallet page.

  • Now you'll have to select the coin you want to create/display wallets for
  • We added a timer to display how much is left before your wallet gets unlocked
  • We are now only displaying four first and last characters of your wallet address
  • Finally, you are now able to give names to your wallets

Splitting Revenue

Now that you've created more than one wallet for a coin, you enable the split function. This function allows you to assign a percentage of your revenue that will be sent to the wallet.

N.B: As always a freeze of 24h will be applied if you change your wallet, and payment configuration (address changes, threshold, split value etc..)

Threshold and Auto-withdraw

This a managed on a per coin basis. So for a coin, you manage them for all your wallets at once

Youtube Tutorial

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed adding watcher link doesn't match selected coin
  • Fixed revenue threshold error during migration
  • Increased Subaccount limit from 50 to 1,000 (🚀)
  • Faster wallets page loading time


If you face any issues since the redirection implementation please let us know. Use our Zendesk platform or contact us directly on Discord.  

As always, do not hesitate to share feedback with us! Join the discussion on Twitter.