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Miner Tagging system released 🔔

Miner Tagging system released 🔔

Our new mining platform just become even more interesting! We are glad to announce to you the Tagging System for Miners. Starting today you can enable this new feature to categorize your machines the way you like it.

Increase categorization possibilities

Create your own categorization system, by machine model, machine generation, location, etc... it's up to you! Once that create it will allow you to filter on the specific tags. We will add more functionalities to this tag system so stay tuned for that!

How do Tags work?

In order to create a tag for your miners, you need to be either a subaccount owner or have update rights.

Once that is done you can create as many tags as you want, for all your machines at once or only one machine, you can also apply many tags to a single machine.

We offer a range of colors that we will increase in the future to add more customization possibilities.

Fixes & improvements

  • Reviewed the Subaccount and Coin selection flow
  • Fixed adding watcher-link bug


If you face any issues since the redirection implementation please let us know. Use our Zendesk platform or contact us directly on Discord.  

As always, do not hesitate to share feedback with us! Join the discussion on Twitter.